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Buns Hun - What Should I Feed my Rabbit?

Keeping Pet Rabbits has always been a popular staple in homes in the UK. A popular pet for children to learn the responsibilities of animal care or for adults to care for instead of children… There is plenty to think about when taking home your bunnies. It’s very easy to go for the first product you find in the supermarket, but is that really best for them? Does consideration need to be had when it comes to choosing their diet? Short answer: Yes. Long Answer: Yeeeeeessssss. In-Depth Answer: Follow this guide & we’ll help you understand what’s best to keep your rabbits healthy!

The Entrée – Hay & Grass

The cornerstone to any healthy rabbit. High quality hay should make up towards 85-90% of your rabbits daily in-take of food. Not only that, it should also be readily available to your rabbits at all times. Hay & Grass is high in fibre, which is pivotal to any rabbit’s diet. Make sure you replace any old hay daily & replace with a fresh batch. If you’re wondering why Hay & Grass is so important, take a look at the small guide below to see the exact digestive process a rabbit goes through when eating hay & Grass.

The Side Dish – A Bowl of Pellets.

The most commonly fed food to rabbits is a muesli-based diet. If you can, don’t do this. Muesli diets while as a whole can offer a good option, you’ll sadly find the majority of rabbits are selective feeders. This means that your rabbit will dig through the muesli & eat the tasty stuff, but leave the stuff they don’t like, which usually leads to an unbalanced diet.

Instead, we recommend an extruded pellet or nugget. These are formulated to include all the vitamins & minerals needed for a rabbit’s health. Only a small bowl is needed daily, between 50g-70g is the average amount for the average adult rabbit.

If you decide to make a switch from muesli to an extruded diet, it’s best for the bunnies tummies to make the change over a 4 week period. Slowly replace the muesli with the extruded food, by the 2 week point you should be aiming to have a 50/50 split between the two foods, eventually reaching 100% extruded by the end of 4 weeks! This will ensure that your rabbit does not suffer any digestive problems & will lead to an overall happier & healthier rabbit!

Brown’s Pet Range can supply an extruded diet as well! Our diet is developed & manufactured by zoological nutritionists & contains beta-glucanes which boosts a rabbits immune system, give it a try & see the benefits!

The Dessert – Fruit & Veg

Some of you may read dessert & think cheesecake is going to be a staple part of a rabbit’s diet. Well you can save that for yourselves, a rabbits taste buds are much more refined, or you could say just plain boring.

Each rabbit should eat a portion of fruit & veg each day. Finding out what your rabbit likes usually takes some trial & error but eventually you’ll get into the groove of what your rabbit craves. Below we’ve listed a variety of fruits & vegetables which we recommend you trial with your rabbit.

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